Selling with Pyramid Properties


Selling property is made easier as we help you in the entire selling process. We list your property, work out a marketing strategy for your property and handle all negotiations and paperwork. Please fill up the form below and our advisor will get in touch with you.

Initiation of Selling Process
Listing your Property - The first step is to fill up the listing form, in order to post your availability with complete details of your property. Don't worry if you are not sure on what price to ask, we will work on that together once we have all other information.

Meeting in Person - Our property advisors will review the details and get in touch with you to verify the property and the payment details to ensure whether it's a cheque deal or not.

Deciding the Price - Our property advisors will work with you to guide on the asking price in the context of the current market trends as well as comparative analysis of the local market.

Develop a Marketing Strategy - Our property advisors develop a marketing strategy in which we use appropriate mediums to showcase your property to various buyer segments to increase its appeal and exposure.

Signing of Agreement - We sign an agreement with you to take the mandate to sell your property

Showcase of Property to Buyers - We showcase your property to the prospective buyer and contact them through mailers, phone calls and various other mediums.

Site Visits - We actively sell your property to prospective buyers and arrange for Site visits for them to experience the property first hand before taking a final decision.

Closing the Deal
Offers and Negotiation - We work with the buyer and you to consider the offers and work towards the price and terms you want.

Execution of Deal - We arrange a one-to-one meeting with serious buyers to finalize the price and terms and close the best deal for your property.

Documentation - After finalizing the deal and payment terms and conditions, we will help you execute the deal like transfer of funds, registration or transfer of property etc

Once you have decided on the property of your choice, we help you

  • Close the deal by handling all the paperwork.
  • Guiding you through application form, allotment and arranging home loan from a reputed bank if required.
  • Ensure a convenient and hassle free transaction.
  • Our services to you continue till registry of the flat. This includes payment reminders, collection of checks (cheques), handling all documentation with the builder and the bank.